11 Moment Proves Sourav Ganguly Will Be Always King of Indian Cricket

Sourav Ganguly officially took charge as the president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) on 23rd of October 2019. He played 113 Tests and 311 one-day internationals and led India to 21 Test wins, has already been an administrator for his home state association, Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB).

Ganguly has been always in limelight because of his fearless attitude and Dadagiri in on-field as well as off-field. The cricket fans has a great expectation after Saurav took the charge of BCCI as president. Now we have to watch how The Maharaja is playing the role President of BCCI.

Let’s take a look on those Dadagiri Moments of Sourav Ganguly:

1.Sourav Ganguly wears his India blazer on 1st day as BCCI President:

On the very first day as the BCCI President, he made sure to make a lasting impression by wearing a special blazer. Ganguly wore the same blazer which he had got when he became the captain of the Indian cricket team.

2. Trolled Kangaroo Team’s Captain:

The incident was narrated by Australian Cricketer Michael Clarke how Sourav trolled Rickey Pointing. He said Dada whispered ‘head-tail’ during the toss and by the time Ricky Ponting could register it, he picked up the coin, announced India will bat, and went back.

3. Took Revenge for his Team Mate:

In 2001 Australia’s tour of India, Dada deliberately reached late for the toss making Steve Waugh wait on the field. He did this intentionally as Australian coach John Buchanan rudely asked Srinath why he was coming out of the field during one of the match. When Sourav Ganguly knew this, he made sure the revenge is taken.

4. Famous shirtless act at the Lord’s Balcony:

When we are talking about Dada, how can we forget about the iconic match and iconic moment swinging shirt from the Lord’s balcony. Later on Sourav said that he did it as Andrew Flintoff took off his shirt at Wankhede Stadium earlier and it was unacceptable that someone would disrespect the country at its ‘Mecca of Cricket’.

5.Selectors Vs Dada:

Dada always had an adamant to have player of his choice and made many selectors upset about it. During 2003-04 Indian tour to Australia, selectors said, “Kumble does not picks wickets outside India” and in return Dada said he won’t go without Kumble.

Later selectors agreed to send Kumble in Australia tour with a condition “ If Kumble Doesn’t takes wickets and team doesn’t do well, then we will have New Captain”. At the end of tournament, Kumble became the highest wicket taker and India had best Australian trip in history.

Similarly, in 2001 selectors were reluctant to select Harbhajan Singh for Aus Test Series, but Sourav said “I am not leaving this room until I see Harbhajan Singh’s name on that list”. Later Harbhajan won Man of the Series in that tour.

6. Greg Chappell Controversies:

 Questioning Ganguly about the Greg Chappell controversy, journalist Rajdeep Sardesai once asked him, “Does Greg Chappell owe an apology to Indian cricket? To Sachin Tendulkar, to Sourav Ganguly, to Dravid?”

To which, Ganguly replied: “He can call up Tendulkar or Dravid. But he dare not dial my number. If he is hearing this on TV, he dare not call Sourav Ganguly.”


7. Commentary Box Chats:

In commentary box, Ravi Sashtri asked Sourav, “In the Eden Gardens shouldn’t there be a Sourav Ganguly Dada Stand?

Dada replied “The Entire Ground Belongs to me Ravi”.

Similarly when Nasser Hussain tried to poke him with a joke on Indian football team and got a Dada style answer.

Nasser: When can I see India in the FIFA World Cup?

Ganguly: If India had played football for 50 years, then we would have qualified for the finals at least once.

 8. Gave Best Opening Batsmen to Indian Cricket:

Sourav always played a role of responsible captain and brings out the best in them. And the biggest example is Virender Sehwag. It was only Saurav Ganguly’s idea to make him opener and that’s how Sehwag became most explosive opening batsmen in Cricket.

 9. Match Fixing Investigation:

When police asked a bookie if Sourav Ganguly had any role in Match Fixing, the bookie replied,

“Sir, we wanted him. But nobody had the guts to ask Ganguly whether he could fix a match for India”.

10. Sourav Ganguly’s Biggest Regret:

Ganguly’s biggest regret, though, is that his ‘team of gentlemen’ never sledged. Speaking about players like Laxman, Sachin and Dravid, he noted:

“If you tell Rahul Dravid to do that, he’ll be like ‘no no no that is not the right way to play’. If you tell Laxman, he will be like ‘ no no I am concentrating on my batting’. And if you tell Sachin, he will stand on mid-on and ask the mid-wicket fielder to sledge Steve Waugh.”

11. Dada’s Comeback:

Kiren More said, “As long as his selection committee is in office, there is no future for Ganguly”. After few months, the selection committee was bound to select Sourav Ganguly based on his domestic cricket performance.


  1. Dada is our pride,emotion and a major theme af ‘bangaliana’. Writings on dada always anchored the core of my heart and this article does the same.

  2. Dada is our pride,emotion and a major theme af ‘bangaliana’. Writings on dada always anchores the core of my heart and this article does the same.

  3. Dada is our pride,emotion and a major theme af ‘bangaliana’. Writings on dada always anchors in the core of my heart and this article does the same.

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