weird laws in India still existing

10 Weird Laws in India That will Make You Crazy

Weird Laws in India? Are you unaware of this laws? There are some strange and ridiculous laws in our nation which will make you say WTF.

India, a country of complex mixture of diversities, cultures, beliefs and languages. India’s social problems and beliefs are rooted in the religious practices of people. Apart from these beliefs India is also blessed with some strange laws. These laws ought to prevail since the ancient times made by the white men. Most of the crunch which we detect in our everyday lives are elicit by the misapplication of decree.

Our diligent  court still continuous to see expense in them. These  weird laws are still active even today . Scroll down for the unexpected  and weird laws that makes no sense in the 21st century.

Illegal for More than 10 Couples to Dance on the Dance Floor

According to The Prevention of seditious  Meeting Act,1911 it is said that one cannot gather in a public place with large crowd. It is likely to cause a disturbance to people  around the area without the required permission.

You Become a Motor Vehicle Inspector, If you have Good Teeth

You must be confused with what has teeth to do with job! . But in Andhra Pradesh, you can only be recruited for job if you have good teeth.

NO Fly of Kites ,Without Permit

Kites ,balloons are definitions of aircraft. So in order to fly kites one need to have a legal licence. Flying of kites without licence lead to criminal prosecution.

Suicide is LEGAL!!! Sounds Strange but that’s a  one among weird laws of India

According to section 309 of the IPC, attempting suicide is legal but if you fail you get jailed.  This is made punishable because if you fail, you get another reason to end yourself. The government is in action of excluding this section.

Invariable Age of Drinking

There is no fixed age for drinking in this country. Each state holds an age for drinking, like 18 in Goa and 25 in Maharashtra. The fair age for hard liquor is different than for beverages like wine,beer,etc.

Gender Adoption

According to The Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act,1956 one cannot adopt a child of same sex which already have.

Post-Office Ownership

Indian postal service owns a legal trust on all other posts. Confidential express omits the law by summoning posts as documents.

Children Bound

Families can have up to two infants in Kerala with no emanation. One who violates has to bear a fine of Rs 10,000. Composing China not the only country to cut off  limit on birth.

Find Rs. 100 on Road and You Don’t Report, Could Land You in Jail

According to Indian  Treasure Trove Act 1878, it is said that any treasure above Rs 10, you must file a report. If not informed one could face a fine, or land in jail.

Prostitution is Legal, Being Hustler Isn’t

In India, The Act of Prostitution isn’t a crime. But being a mack will lead you to jail. So its legal to beseech people alone.

India, an ancient country with old and complex society. Such laws are fishy to this present arena. These laws have no one to question neither on the weird laws nor on their judgments.


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