10 Weird Bollywood Movies Name That Confuses You

What is the main ingredient for any Bollywood Movie to get box office hit? The lead actors? Yes, to cross crores in box office collection the movie must have popular actors.
But, have you wondered What does a movie need to confuse its audience? The title or movie names are enough to put you in a confusion and chagrin state.
Let’s check the list of Bollywood movies which are still remembered for its horrible and cheerless movies name.

1.Toilet Ek Prem Katha

I guess, there’s no need to say much about this recent movie which is going to release in future staring most successful actor of Bollywood Industry-Akshay Kumar.
toilet-ek prem katha_viralatclick
bollywood weirdest movies name


 2.Badhti ka Naam Dadhi

This movie was directed by Kishor Kumar in 1974 and the name was similar to ”Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi”
Badhti ka nam Dadhi
Bollywood weirdest movies name


3.Matru ki Bijlee Ka Mandola

Multi starred movie pairing off-screen Father-Son Jodi which was directed by Vishal Bharadwaj. This movie created lot of confusing with its title as well as pink-bull called Gulaboo in its trailer.
matru ki bijlee ka mandola-viralatclick
Weirdest bollywood movie

4.Kuku Mathur ki Jhand Ho Gayi

Comedy-Drama Bollywood movie directed by Ekta Kapoor. The story was based on two friends but its sure no audience would have convinced to book show after seeing such movie title.
kuku mathur ki jhand hogayi-viralatclick
Bollywood weirdest movies name


5.Bhatakti Jawani

This Movie name is Epic One. No description is required.

bhatakti jawani-viralatclick
Bollywood weirdest movies name


6.Dhoti Lota aur Chowpatty

Apart from movie title the largest cast and guest appearance made famous.
dhoti lota aur chowpaty
Bollywood weirdest movies name

7.Sasti Dulhan Mehenga Dulha

Hope you can predict this odd sounding movie is all about dowry system in daughter’s marriage.
sasti dulhan mahenga dulha-viralatclick
Bollywood weirdest movies name


8.Mr. 100%

The Title is Too Short and Confusing for audiences.
Bollywood weirdest movies name


 9.Salim Langde pe Maat Ro

The story of this movie was heart-touching story of a lame guy, it would have worked better if the title won’t be so pathetic.
salim langde pe mat ro-viralatclick
Bollywood weirdest movies name


10.Ek Se Mera Kya Hoga

I think this title of movie can give ‘N’ Number of confusions to an audience.
ek se mera kya hoga-viralatclick
Bollywood weirdest movies name

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