6 Worst Natural Disasters India Battled in the Last Two Decades

Natural disasters have been the fact of human life since the beginning. Natural disasters are the sudden events caused by  environmental factors that injure people and damage property.

Natural disasters like earthquakes, floods,diseases,etc. strike anywhere on earth, generally without warning. There is hardly any place where such disasters cannot reach and that is the lordship of Nature that prevails. Though there have been advancement in science and technology still we r helpless in front of  nature.

Here, are  some of the most devastating natural disasters which India faced recently.


  • Year:- 2018
  • Areas Affected:- Kannur,  Wayand, Palakkat, Thrissur, etc.
  • Death:- 500 approx.


The worst flood which Kerala faced this year. Over 480 people died and about 10  went missing. About million of people were  evacuated.


  • Year:-2014
  • Areas affected:- Srinagar, Bandipur, etc.
  • Death:- 560 approx.

With continuous rainfall, the Kashmir region in September 2014 suffered a massive flood leading to life loss of around 550 people. Thousands of villages across the state had  been hit. 390 villages got submerged.

2600 villages were affected in Jammu and Kashmir. 1225 villages partly affected. And 1000 villages in Jammu division, many parts of Srinagar, including Border Security Force(BSF).


  • Year:- 2013
  • Areas Affected:- Govindghat, Kedar Dome, Uttarkhand, Himachal Pradesh
  • Death:- 5000 approx.

Uttarkhand suffered a major fatal natural disaster in the form of floods and landslides. The reason behind the occurrence was heavy rainfall. About 5700 people lost their lives. 3,00,000  pilgrims and tourists trapped in the valleys leading to the pilgrimage sites. About 4500 villages were affected.



  • Year:- 2004
  • Areas Affected:- Southern India and Andaman and Nicobar islands, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, etc.
  • Death:- 2 lakhs approx.

Huge tsunami in the Indian ocean, causing immense loss of life and property in India and neighbouring countries. Killed 2,27,898 people in 14 countries.

According to official estimates, 10,136 people in India were killed and thousands were made homeless.

More than 2 lakhs people died.


  • Year:- 2001
  • Areas Affected:- Bhuj, Ahmadabad, Gandhinagar, Surat, Rajkot district,etc.
  • Death:- More than 20,000

Gujarat was affected by a gigantic earthquake on 26th of January, 2001.

The day when the entire nation was celebrating its 52nd Republic Day. 20,000 people took their last breath. Around 1,67,000 were injured. And 4,00,000 were left homeless.


  • Year:- 1999
  • Areas Affected:- coastal districts of Bhadrak, Kendrapara, Balasore, Puri, etc.
  • Death:- More than 10,000 lost their lives.

One of the mortal storms Odisha faced in 1999. This cyclone is known as the Paradip cyclone or Super cyclone. More than 10,000 people died in this natural disaster. More than 2,75,000 houses were destroyed. And around 1.67 million people were left homeless.

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