7 lifetime lessons lockdown taught us

7 Lifetime Lessons Lockdown Taught Us

It’s more than 70 days India and other countries are going through lockdown, people are all locked up in their houses. In this phase where the brain is tired of all  schedules like homeschooling, household works, work from home, etc. 

The boundaries between work-office, study-school, blackboard-chalk, students-swings have all darken. Lockdown has been a learning phase for all individual. It has taught us that nothing is impossible and permanent, precaution is better than cure and cleanliness are next to godliness.

People have learnt to balance work-life  together. So  it’s time to look at the brighter side of the lockdown phase and see what are things lockdown has taught us:

Lesson 1 Actors are not Hero Doctors are

doctors are hero
doctors are hero

The coronavirus pandemic has put remarkable anxiety on families, where partners are working in health or essential services. The doctors and nurses are the real hero,risking their lifes, family for the safety of others. Doctors and nurses have been in the front line of COVID-19. 

They face new challenges with every new dawn. Nurses have devoted their lives to  their profession. The bud of care, burden and responsibility have landed largely on women. The health professionals are the saviours. 

Lesson 2 Everyone can Survive without Junk Food

The pandemic has locked the whole world. Even the restaurants are not spared. And this phase has proved it wrong that one cannot survive without junk food. Fast food lovers left no option in this situation. To strengthen immunity they started eating healthy food.

The ones who never tried hands in the kitchen they had to cook for survival. The junk food lovers earlier had no cure for this addiction but COVID-19 proved it wrong.

Lesson 3 Family Comes First

With time we understood the true happiness is not in the materialistic world but with our close ones. It’s all about finding peace and calmness. Your family is what matters you the most, understanding the need of quality rather than quantity.

Lesson 4 Learnt to Love Local

The people dependent on supermarkets jumped into local ones as supermarket were not able to cope up with the demand due to lockdown. The local market shop and vendors whereas kept their shops well-stocked during this crisis. 

The lockdown made the supply chains complex, but the local businessman and shops made their best efforts to meet customers needs.

Lesson 5 Mother Earth too Needs a Break

The early morning walk, chirping of birds, watering the plants, gardening with everyday routine is Joy of happiness. During lockdown when the whole country went off from the traffic and the buzzing sound, mother Earth went more filled with greenery. We as individual watched the birds pollinating and making their nests. 

People sitting at home continued feeding birds as the survival was becoming worse as no litter was found in the open. Pollution levels have decreased with the commencement of lockdown. The Rivers have turned crystal clear flowing without destruction, trees and leaves have regained their actual colours which were covered with dust since ages. 

Lesson 6 No Discrimination between Rich or Poor, Black or White:

This lockdown has left no difference between rich and poor classes. In fact, this time has made life much easier with no status margin. 

The time has brought up families together. Even higher class people are stuck at home. People have learnt the meaning of humanity and equality instead of soaring and boasting up.

Lesson 7 Time has made us good Jugadu:

This lockdown has taught us to survive with DIY hacks. People are locked at home and have  tried to do things themselves. From trying dalgona coffee to getting a haircut at home, people tried a lot of hacks to get rid of boredom and show creativity. 

7 lifetime lessons lockdown taught us
7 lifetime lessons lockdown taught us

In the early days of this phase, social media, status, etc. were all filled up with baking, cooking and preparing delicious meals and desserts for families. Lockdown has led people to learn and polish up  their interest and passion. Many have discovered their hidden talents. Lockdown has made people learn to be organized in their life. 

Lockdown has taught people to compromise unnecessary demands. People have learned to live happily with desires. This phase has also taught us  managing skills. People have learned to live and face reality without taking things for granted.

Lockdown made us realize that simple living and a positive attitude is all that is required. This lock down phase has taught us that materialistic things are all a waste of time.

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