7 Valentine’s Day Ideas Everyone Can Afford & Make it Memorable

7 Valentine’s Day Affordable and Creative Ideas to Make it Special

Valentine’s Day, a festival of romantic love, affection and care. This day is celebrated as a western feast day.  Valentine’s Day is acknowledged as a cultural and commercial celebration of love and romance especially for the younger generation.

The day is observed by expressing love through greetings, gifts, dates, etc. Valentine’s Day is said to be a day for couples. Couples get themselves busy in order to make their partner feel special and make it memorable. Flowers, cards,and chocolates are very common gifts exchanges between couples in Valentine week. 

This is celebrated on the February month of the year. As the day walks closer, love birds  are going through a lot of pressure and worries about how to make their Valentine Week special and different within a friendly budget . 

Well, it’s time to stop worrying and start preparing a small pocket friendly budget. Love neither needs a special day to be expressed, nor a high amount to be paid.

Here are a few amazing traditional as well as latest gift ideas which will surely help you to unwrap your feelings for Valentine’s Day: 


Cards stand out to be the best homemade Valentine special. Hoping different shops to get a little taste of Valentine, will test your patience. Cards generally go on with heart-shaped paper cuts, beautifully calligraphed,etc.  

These are the things which  follow in the market. One can also opt for handmade cards. This will save money as well as  help you use your creative skills. Either one can draw it or craft out. People can use different paperwork to give it a lovely look. Or if you can order cards online of your own choice for your loved one’s.


Flowers seems to be a traditional token of love since ages. Blossoms stand out as a way to code messages to each other. Roses are said to be the  sign of love. Varieties are available to meet customers’ needs. As per need, there is a high demand for roses. So, in order to lessen up the expense, one can even opt for different flowers like tulips daffodils etc. 

budget friendly blossoms for Valentine's Day
budget friendly blossoms for Valentine’s Day

Gifting small plants can also be a great gifting idea. Buying a bunch of flowers, roses can only satisfy you for a week. but when you gift a plant, it keeps growing and resembles your love. It also adds beauty to your garden or balcony. 

Using your mind, one can also make some  paperwork by making use of what you have. Make paper Roses and gift it to your love  instead of roses which will fade after a week. Using your creativity of gifting a paper rose bunch will really enhance your love for your partner. This token of yours will last for a lifetime. Make use of all the waste materials like newspapers,CD-ads,pamphlets etc. This will give you an extra touch of romance. 


Being pretty sure that all girls love jewellery. Jewellery no issues stand out as a favorite for all females out there.  Jewelries are basically treasured for financial worth. 

So if you have a high budget and are ready to buy an expensive gift piece of jewelry is the best  option. Couples can also go for custom jewellery which are on high demand these days. Handmade jewellery can also be a good option to gift by using your creative mind. 

All you need to do is find out your partner’s choice. making use of different beads stones along with different supplies of fashion you can make it more special. 

Dinner Dates:

Food is said to be the way to heart so then dinner dates can be the best part of celebration. But the same spending of bulks in a restaurant wont be a perfect one. One can try out different new recipes that are fancier and ambitious. 

Dine Out for Valentine's Day
Dine Out for Valentine’s Day

As a couple trying out food in restaurants gives a chance to know each other’s food taste and give quality time to spend. In the season of Valentine’s day few restaurants give discounts, so its the best way to celebrate festival of love within a budget. 


Books are said to be the best gift options for all seasons. If your partner is a book-lover then this is the best you may go for. Surprise your girl’ with her favorite author or books this Valentine’s Day. If the books come up with high prices, switch for the paperback materials which are budget-friendly. 

Gift a Relaxing Spa Day:

Spa is a new and unique way to express your love for partner Booking an appointment for your love in reputed spa will help to relax and feel special. On the eve of valentine, there are few special spa’s offers for couples.  

Make it Special for Him/Her:

make your valentine's day special
Surprise your valentine

If you really want to make your Valentine day special with some extra ordinary gesture then this idea is for you. You can plan and decorate your house with attractive lights and following a theme. Cook or order your favorite food to have dinner.

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You can add a few candles and fancy items to give the feel of candle light dinner. And finally you can watch a movie or go for dance on romantic numbers. All these small moments will make your Valentine’s Day special as well as memorable. 


So what are you waiting for? Now you have all these creative and budget friendly ideas are going to make your love special. 

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  1. A wonderful gift may not be wrapped as one expects. I think that the best gift that any partner can afford , is to become ‘character’ in memorable memories or stories which can be nurtured through out whole life even when the partner may not be with him or her.

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