8 Essential Things You Need to Host Holi Party in 2022

8 Essential Things You Need to Host Holi Party in 2022

Are you planning to host holi party this year at your home? Sounds weird!! Being Indian we love the festival of colours. And for the last two years, most of us have spent holi in lockdown.

Seeing the post-pandemic situation it’s advised to celebrate festivals at home. Yes, instead of going to crowded holi parties, you can host the holi party at your home. 

Now the question is can you enjoy the holi party in the same way? Yes, you can make your holi party happening by adding thandai, bollywood music and of course the colours.

To ease your work, we have bought 8 essential things you would need to host your holi party in 2022:

Organic Colors for Holi Party: 

Play holi with sustainable and dry colours by encouraging your guests to use only natural colours.  These colours aren’t harmful to the skin and are completely non-toxic. They’re easy to wash off so you can get right back to your work week without stressing about residual pink gulaal in your roots or behind your ears.

Herbal Gulal (Pink, Green, Orange, Yellow, Blue) – Pack of 5 at an affordable budget.  The 5 packets of Natural Holi Colors of 80g each, Certified as per Indian and International standards of quality and it is absolutely herbal and free of harmful chemicals. 

Buy from here: Vegetal Lustrous Natural Holi Colours Herbal Gulal (Pink, Green, Orange, Yellow, Blue) – Pack of 5.


No holi is incomplete without the desi and favourite drink Thandai. This organic thandai mix is gluten-free, vegan and keto-friendly so you don’t have to worry about any of your guest’s dietary restrictions. Apart from giving a refreshing flavourful holi drink, its healthier.

Simply stock up on Paper Boat thandai (pack of 6), so you don’t spend the party holed up in the kitchen. Made the traditional way, our Thandai is flavoured milk suffused with cardamom, fennel, and black pepper, melon seeds and khus khus. 

Order Paper Boat Thandai, Milk Beverage, No Added Preservatives and Colours (Pack of 6, 180ml each) from Amazon

Authentic Festive Food:

When you think to host holi party at home, you have to pay special attention to food. Different states have different holi speciality food like matri, kachori, ladoo and more. But one dish which is common in entire India is Gujiya. 

You can prepare special authentic delicacies at home or a few items you can order online. You may order Gujiya Sweet boxes from amazon,100% Vegetarian made in India which will give you an authentic crunch of dry fruits, grated dry coconut and aroma of ilaichi & ghee and the sweetness bringing in the traditional flavours. 

No artificial flavours and sweetness, No preservatives, No colour added this sweet is absolutely safe to consume. 

Order Now Atipriya Dry Fruit Mawa Gujiya for Holi Party

Banging Music Speaker for Holi Celebration:

After gulaal, thandai and gujiyaa you need some Bollywood beats to make your holi party colourful. boAt Stone 1000 14W Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect choice to blast your Holi playlist throughout the day and get feet tapping and hips moving. 

If you are wondering to collect all-time favourite Bollywood holi song, check out the list here 

Get more details of boAt Bluetooth speaker

Masks & Sanitiser:

Don’t forget to keep sanitisers and masks at your party. Since a lot of guests would come to be a part of your holi party so it’s very important to keep sanitising your hands from time to time. 

And in case you are hosting a party in the garden or lawn, keep some extra disposable masks for guests. 

Fun Games for Holi Party:

Play a few rounds of thandai shot roulette at the beginning of the party as an icebreaker so everyone can mingle freely.

A Budget-friendly Shot Glass Roulette drinking game set is a perfect game for holi party and also an excellent gifting option for any party animal.

Great for breaking the ice and getting the party started as it is simple to play and you can have a lot of fun. All you need to do is fill the shot glasses, put them in the rim, place your bets and spin.

If you love hosting parties at your place, get this Shot Glass Roulette drinking game set today.

Decor Items:

In case you are planning to host the party in day time then can add flowers, balloons and peppy decor items. But if you are thinking to host the party at night, you can add colourful lights to make your holi party cheerful.

You can also go for these colourful rattan ball lights that’ll look amazing in an outdoor setting like a garden or pool party in the daytime.

Photo Props:

In the age of social media, no party would be fun without selfies. To make those selfies more trendy you need photo booths and theme props. 

Order today these set up a photo booth corner with these Holi theme party props that’ll make your party an Instagram hit.

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