Political Biopic You Must Watch Before 2019 Election

3 Best Political Biopic You Must Watch Before 2019 Election

Political biopic during election time seems to best way of campaigning. Projecting real life-stories and inspiring journey in bollywood movies is a way to reach voters. But making and releasing a movie based popular politician involves a lot of controversies as well as raging debates. In past there were a number of bollywood movies faced banned or got stucked in controversies and film never got released.

Even Indian bollywood fans have keen interest to know about the life history of their favourite leaders.Thus this the reason political biopic are being so popular after sports person and bollywood celebrities biopics.

Let’s check out the list of political biopics you must watch before voting for 2019 election.

1. Narendra Modi:

The most recent biopic based on the journey of a chai wala to India’s Prime Minister. The movie has faced a lot of controversies and going to be release on 5th April.

Narendra Modi movies
Narendra Modi Movies

Vivek Oberoi is  playing the role of Narendra Modi. Omung Kumar has directed the movie who has made successful biopic like Mary Kom starring Priyanka Chopra.

2. My Name is RaGa:

‘My name is Raga’ a 3 minute teaser got released and grabbed many attention. The movie has shown the bonding of Rahul Gandhi with father Rajiv Gandhi as well as Indira Gandhi.

My Name is RaGa

The teaser shows glimpse of Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi as well as opposition politicians. Entire movie is based on President of Congress party Rahul Gandhi’s life goals realizing becomes clear and sight of his victory over the people and the opposition party.

3. Accidental Prime Minister:

The Accidental Prime Minister


Accidental Prime Minister movie was one of the much-awaited political biopics. The film is name so as Dr. Manmohan Singh was catapulted into the PM’s position in 2004. Sonia Gandhi turned down to be India’s Prime Minister despite won the election.

National award winner Anupam Kher was seen in the main role. The movie revolves around Dr. Singh’s relationship with Sanjaya Baru a media advisor. Baru’s role is played by actor Akshay Khanna.


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