Cost of Each Vote During Election

What is the Cost of Each Vote in Lok Sabha Election?

Election is the process by which person are chosen by voting, to represent the running government. Elections are said to be the lifeline of democracy. It is held in order to elect the members of the lower house after expiry of its term i.e. of 5 years. This is what we call general elections. Elections being the best way of choosing the representative in India.

India being a federal country holds elections both for central and state. Hence, elections needs to be free and fair. As detailed in part XV between Article 324 to 329 of the Indian constitution. People in India take it casually. According to many election day is a day of rest. But it is for this day the government spends ample of amounts.

India preparing for its 17th Lok Sabha election which being conducted in seven phases. The phases started from April 11, 2019. This phase procedure was announced by the chief election commission on March 10.  The counting is likely to take place on May 23, 2019. The cost is borne by the centre.

So being the voters its very important to know the cost of one single vote.

Cost on Expenses During Lok Sabha Election: 

The expenses for elections include the cost of settling up polling stations, polling personnel payments and staffs. Installation of telephones in  polling offices and counting centres. Other expense includes purchasing of election materials like Ink and Ammonia paper.

Cost per Vote: 

There has been a great boost in the cost per vote since the first polls. It started with less than a rupee whereas it was close to 50 rupees in 2014. And it is likely to increase in 2019. The voter humble of our country has increased by 5-6 times approx. Than what it was in the first general elections.

Cost Involved in Election Duty: 

The people who work on elections are not only paid daily allowances. The rest expenses also include flight and rail, hotels, food, local transportation. All these are borne by the government.

election booth in India during Lok Sabha Election

Cost on Lakhs of Booths:

Each election booth requires real estate, minimum people to manage it, electricity, telecommunications, security cameras, furniture’s, ink, security personal, EVM machines, voter list, stationary, food, water, toilet, power backups, queue management, voter query management transportation and logistics facilities.

Cost of EVM-VVPAT Machines:

There is a big spend involved in security testing, training, logistics maintenance of the machines. Though they have long life but technology and upgrades proves the point.

EVM machine

These do not involve the  expenses which are include in the opportunity cost of people and resources which divert to election management. In a country, a voter might feel that a single vote hardly makes a difference. But in actual, it lakh and crores which are spent for this day.

Voting offers every citizens a medium of expression. It is both our responsibility and right. At last, it is also an honour given on the citizens by the founding fathers. 

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