India-Australia Cricket: 7 Unforgettable Sledging Incidents

India-Australia Cricket: 7 Unforgettable Sledging Incidents

The conflict between India-Australia cricket has seen turned out into ugly sledging incidents. Though cricket is considered as ‘Games of Gentleman’ but sometimes it is not limited to the mundane bat and ball.

1.  Virat Kohli & James Faulkner:

While Virat was batting at 73 in an ODI against Australia, Faulkner said something. And Virat replied in his own way by saying “You’re wasting your energy. There’s no point. I’ve smashed you enough in my life. Just go and bowl”.

Virat also showed the way and asked to go back bowling crease. In that match Virat scored 117 and hence the kangaroos has to go back home. It is obvious that Faulkner choose the wrong cricketer for sledging.  

2. Sehwag and Clarke clash:

In the a test match between India and Australia, Clarke passed comment to Sachin. While Sachin was batting Clarke said he is too old to play. Virender Sehwag was in non-striker’s end, walked to Michael Clarke and asked his age. Clarke replied he is 23 years old, Sehwag asked him to respect Sachin as his number of centuries are more than Clarke’s age.

But Clarke did not stopped abusing Sachin. Finally Sehwag went to Clarke and ask whether his friends call him a pup? He replied yes, then Sehwag asked which breed you are? After that Michael Clarke behaved properly in the rest of the match.

Though Sehwag is considered among calm and well behaved cricketer. But the behavior of Australia player made him to lose his temper and remarked this incident as sledging.

3. Rishabh Pant and Pat Cummins:

The Australian cricketers are known for master of dark art of sledging. Be it T20 or Test matches, they never miss opportunity to abuse and criticize opposite team. But this time someone from opposite team started the game of words, who is that?

Indian wicket-keeper Rishabh Pant left no chance on 5th Day of Adelaide Test to irritate Pat Cummins, who was batting with skipper Tim Paine on the other end. “Come on Pat – you’re not putting the bad ball away!,”. “Tough to play here,”. This is what  Pant continued to say for the entire duration of an over. Check the full video of Pant instigating comments for Pat. 

Now we have to wait and watch whether Aus team going to keep quiet in remaining matches or going to reply back on their own way and add one more sledging incident in the history of cricket.

4. Rohit Sharma & David Warner:

The two openers indulged in an ugly fight in at the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground in 2015. In the ODI, Rohit Sharma took a run off an overthrow as  keeper Brad Haddin missed the throw.


Warner didn’t liked this and started uttering bad words. Even he said to Sharma ‘Speak English’ and criticized from different angle. Warner later accepted that he was wrong to have involved Rohit in the incident. However situation got out of control on the field that the umpires had to intervene.

5. Symonds Sledging Harbhajan Singh:

The most controversial sledging incident in cricket history happened between Symonds and Harbhajan. The words of war started in 2008 India Australia Sydney test match when Bhajji was batting along with Sachin. After hitting four on Lee’s ball, Bhajji went to him and said ‘Hard Luck’ but Symonds took it in other way and had some words exchanged.

This was not the end, Symonds alleged that Harbhajan called him ‘Monkey’ when Australia came to India for a tournament. Finally Harbhajan was banned for three test matches.

6. Shikhar Dhawan & Shane Watson:

Australian all rounder Shane Watson has been always seen involved in on-field heated controversies. Though he has taken retirement from international cricket but known him for turning aggression into ugly word wars and then sledging.

Shane Watson had a serious fight with Indian opener Shikhar Dhawan when he mimicked on Watson’s injury. Raina too followed as he too aped all rounder’s injury which left him red-faced. Hence, Shane Watson got involved for couple of minutes in exchange of words with Indian cricketer.

7. Ishant Sharma and Steve Smith’s sledging incident:

We all remember Ishant Sharma’s hilarious monkey face mocking trolling in all social media. He made such funny face in Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru in the 2nd Test match between Ind-Aus to irritate Steve Smith.

Later in an interview Ishant revealed the real story behind this. According to Ishant, ‘’He (Smith) kept saying ‘well-bowled mate’ whenever he sneaked a single against me during Pune Test, initially I wasn’t able to understand what he was saying because of the Australian accent is not easy to understand. It was after some time when I asked him what he was saying. He then told me that he was praising my bowling. Hearing this I told straight in his face ‘you never praised me when I bowled at you in Australia, only now you find my bowling good and praising my effort,” the Indian bowler said.

Though Sharma made such face to irritate Smith but the situation turned out very funny. Even the Captain Smith responded back to Sharma by giving wired expression. Everyone in the field as well as off flied brusted out into laughter seeing two famous cricketers funny expressions.


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