HOLI 2019

Holi 2019: Precautions to Make Your Holi More Colorful and Cheerful

Holi, a festival which marks the onset of spring, season of endurance  and good fruitage. This festival is said to be the most eminent one in Indian culture. Holi is the festival were people unite  eliminating all harshness.

It is celebrated on a full moon day in the month of Falgun. In the evening it is celebrated as Holika Dahan and the next day as Holi. This festival is mostly celebrated in all parts of the nation. A diverse  mythological beliefs depict the death of Holika. The  myths of Holi are as rich as Holi itself. The endless shades and tones brings positivity and new aspirations.

The carnival shows  a strong belief in the fact that its the good and truth that prevails over the evil. The antique tradition is what binds the people in the spirit of love and harmony.

Here are some ways by which you can rejoice this festival and make Holi more special:


Lighting the bonfire is done on this eve of Holi. This symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. There is a specific way in which the bonfire takes place. The preparation is done from the Vasant Panchami day. People get themselves busy throwing twigs, dry leaves, branches etc. throughout the winter.

Holi ka Dahan

The collection of 40 days turns into a huge heap, then the Holika is lit. This heat from the fire portrays winter is behind and the hot summer days are approaching. Merry-making and dancing around the fire makes the environment charged.


In order to avoid chemical based and harsh colors create your own colors. Making colors by yourself will result in no side effects. Flour, turmeric, henna powder can be helpful in generating colors.

Play with Herbal Colors

These colors are easily washable. Colors can be made out of flowers, vegetables and fruits. For flowers use marigold, paalash, and gulmohar. For vegetable you may use Beetroot. And for fruits you can use pomegranate, mulberries, etc. These make natural colors and do not harm your skin.


Holi being the festival of togetherness, organising party is a must. Celebrating party with friends and family bring joy and happiness. Party needs to be followed with a dance floor, buckets of herbal colours and sprinklers. Use of sprinklers to enjoy rain dance. This environment will surely enhance the mood of festivity.


Holi and sweets mix well with the mood of fun festive. Adding dry fruits in sweets will enhance the taste and demand. Holi is incomplete without Drinks. Coolant drinks like Thandai, milkshakes, lemonade etc.

sweet dishes in Holi

In chilled ones like Badam milk and Lassi,etc. These are good refreshments and nutritious too. Apart from music sweets and drinks, snacks is also primary item for all food lovers. Festival  and stomach go side-by -side.

Snacks include health conscious foods like almond Barfi, paneer tikka, etc. snacks should be of kind which could easily be consumed using a toothpick.


Holi is all about sharing love and affection. Sharing gifts with friends and family convey the consciousness of care, love  and respect. Gifts include sweets items, chocolate hampers, Holi cakes,flowers,perfumes,decor, etc.

Precautions while Playing Colors:

Precautions while Playing Holi


Apply of oil, Vaseline over the full body. Use of toner is must as it locks the pores of your skin. A transparent nail paint to care your nails. A good waterproof sunscreen and layer of moisturizer.


Tie your hair while playing colors. Use coconut oil to prevent scalp dryness. Use lemon and mild shampoo after complete play of colors. Do not brush your scalp to remove colours this may increase your scalp dryness and result in breaking of hairs. Do not wash your hairs frequently.


Use sunglasses while going out. Do not use contact lens while playing colors. If colors enters ,immediately wash off with cold water.


Drinking of bhang is quite official  on this festive eve. But consumption of large quantity may lead to high blood pressure and trip in heart rate. Do not consume bhang with  alcohol.

This festival acquires a religious and historic message in Hindu culture. This festivity bring colors into the life of people. From kids to old all enjoy this festival of togetherness. While kids play colors , old people retain  their days. People get a break from their monotonous life and share love and joy with each other.


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