Why Imran Khan Should Not Be Given Nobel Prize for Peace?

Nobel Prize the most prestigious prize awarded for intellectual achievements of world. Recently, there has been a long debate on internet for Imran Khan to be awarded with Nobel Prize for Peace.

Nobel Prize for Peace resolution is submitted for Imran Khan
Nobel Prize for Peace for Imran Khan?

Fawad Chaudhry, the Information Minister submitted a resolution in the National Assembly on 2nd March 2019 to endorsed Imran Khan for Nobel Prize. The resolution stated Imran Khan releasing IAF wing commander Abhinandan was an act of enmity between Pakistan and India.

Abhinandan was captured during a dogfight earlier on 27th February. This resolution was submitted on Saturday in Pakistan parliament. The resolution affirmed Imran Khan for the esteemed Nobel Peace Prize after  releasing IAF Abhinandan Varthaman made Pakistan PM Nobel worthy. Pakistani citizens demanding Nobel Prize for Imran Khan.

Here are some reasons Why Imran Khan should NOT be awarded with Nobel Prize for Peace:

1. Lack of ruling:

Under most of the rule, India has faced massive attacks from Pakistan. Be it 26/11 Mumbai attack or Uri attack and now the Pulwama attack, the government of Pakistan never cooperated with India to eradicate Terrorism.

Even after Pulwama attack Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan asked for evidence instead of condemning such terror attacks. Moreover, the political leaders threaten India for bombing and war.

Terrorists Attacks on India
PAK Terrorists Attacks on IND

When Yousaf Raza Gillani was the PM.

  • The Mumbai attack (26.11.2008)
  • Assam Bombings (6.4.2009)
  • Silda camp attack (15.2.2010)
  • Mumbai Bombings (13.7.2011)

When Raja Pervaiz Ashraf was the PM.

  • Pune Bombings (1.8.2012)
  • Patna Bombings (27.10.2013
  • Blast in Jharkhand (15.4.2014)
  • Jammu attack (20.3.2015)
  • Uri attack (18.9.2016)

When Nawaz Sharif was the PM.

  • Amarnath Yatra attack (11.7.2017)

When Shahid Khaqan Abbasi was the PM.

  • Sukma attack (13.3.2018)

2. Lack of Response from Imran Khan:

Imran Khan is well known for his quick response and activeness on Social Media and other electronics media.  But, after pulwama attack, Imran Khan took days to share his views.

Press conference by Imran Khan

More than 40 Indian soldiers were killed by Masood Azhar, a terrorist operating JeM from Pakistan. Though the Pakistan is aware of every movement of such terrorists they asked India for proof.

After 12 days, Imran gave an interview stating that they are ready to talk with India, but by that time it was too late.

3. Homegrown Terrorism:

Even after so many strong evidences and implicate of Masood Azhar in Pulwama attack Pakistan Government and Imran Khan kept demanding for proof. Masood Azahar’s Jaish-e-Mohammad was behind 2001 attack on Parliament , the 2016 Uri attack in Kashmir , and the most recent the 2019 Pulwama attack in Kashmir.

Massod Azhar: JeM Founder
Massod Azhar: Master Mind of Terror Attacks

Masood Azahar  is in Pakistan which was confirmed  by Mahmood Qureshi. He was getting treated in Pakistan Army hospital of Islamabad.

Similarly, the global terrorist Osama-bin-Laden was surviving in land of Pakistan and their government kept denying. At last a secret operation under Obama killed Osama on 2nd May 2011 in Bilal Town, Abbottabad, Pakistan.

4. Lack of sympathy:

In the Pulwama attack, Indian soldiers lost their lives. No sympathy approached from Pakistan government Imran Khan,neither in words nor in actions, instead he continuously kept speaking of retaliation.

When IAF wing commander Abhinandan landed on Pakistani territory. He was punched badly injured and some source says he was tortured mentally. He was asked several questions and videos were recorded, later, the videos were made public. Sharing videos of injured IAF personnel is a violation of all norms of International Humanitarian Law and the Geneva Convention.

5. Pakistan has not stopped:

Pakistan has sent F-16 fighter jets to India targeting military installations on 27th February. Later they denied of using fighter jet F-16 but in an press conference Air Vice Marshal Kapoor displayed the edivance.

Now, United States has sought more information from Pakistan on the potential misuse of American-made F-16 fighter jets against India. It is a violation of the end-user agreement between U.S & Pakistan.

Though the Pakistanis are giving slogans ‘Say No to War’ the army of Pakistan are continuously violating the ceasefire and kept firing in Kashmir border.  

6. During the return of IAF: 

Abhinandan was released after long hours of wait. Though Imran Khan promised to release IAF Abhinandan in the evening, still he was sent to India after 9pm.  

IAF Forced to Praise PAK Govt and Criticize India Media
Video Released before IAF returned India

The initial medical report says, during his stay in Pakistan’s custody he was tortured mentally. And on the day of his return he was forced to shoot 90 second video with more than 18 cuts. In the video it was clear that IAF was forced to praise Pakistan government and criticize Indian media.


These points are more than enough to decide whether Imran Khan deserve the Nobel Prize of Peace. Paksitan has started an online petition with more than 2,00,000 signatures demanding Imran Khan to be awarded with Nobel Prize for peace. To catch the latest viral stories keep visiting us.

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