Mother’s Day Special: 7 Super Moms & Successful CEOs

Balancing professional life and motherhood is not everyone’s cup of tea. When it comes to business, we always say man leads the game. But to prove this myth wrong we tried to bring those mothers who are super mom’s as well as successful CEO’s.

Let check the list and dedicate to all your Mothers.

1. Indira Nooyi- CEO of Pepsi:

She joined PepsiCo in 1994 and announced as CEO of a multi-million company in the year 2006. The journey for non-American womenwas never easy but because of hard-work, dedication and innovation she is in such position.

Even though Indira is CEO of PepsiCo, she never neglected her two daughters, Tara Nooyi and Preetha Nooyi. She spoke at Women World Summit 2016 about how her eldest daughter wrote an emotional letter asking her to come back home soon.

2. Andrea Ayers- CEO of Convergys:

The story of a single mother is very tough and inspiring. She started as a housekeeper at a day-care
center. But today she works as Convergy’s CEO managing 125K Employees across 31 nations.

Andrea Ayers- CEO of Convergys

In an interview, Andrea shared how she was struggling the phase of motherhood and professional

3. Susan Wojcicki- CEO of YouTube:

She became CEO of Youtube in 2014 and later announced as the “Most Powerful Women on Internet”.
Susan not only made YouTube to get 1.5 Billion users in just a month but also raised the percentage of
women employee to 30 from 24.

Susan Wojcicki- CEO of YouTube


In an interview by TIME, she told about the importance of family time and experience of being a mother
of five. Though it challenged her, still she managed with the support of better people.

4. Ali Wing- CEO of giggle:

Ali Wing started One-Stop Shopping website for new parents. giggle provided all the information &
reviews on baby-related products too for parenthood.

Ali Wing- CEO of giggle
Before starting giggle, she was in corporate marketing. The idea of launching such unique website shows
her thoughts to simplify the journey of mothers. She is the powerful and innovative mother of a young

5. Tara Chklovski- CEO of Iridescent:

Tara Chklovski founder of Iridescent- a nonprofit education organization focusing on Children’s education
especially girls. Just to found Iridescent she left her Ph.D. program in aerospace engineering at started
her social entrepreneurship.

Mother of two girl child discussed working from home and how motherhood & entrepreneurship are important for her.

6. Sheryl Sandberg- COO of Facebook:

In 2015, Sheryl’s husband died suddenly. On 2016 Mother's Day, she wrote on Facebook posted “I never understood how often the world would remind my children and me of what we don’t have—from
father-daughter dances to Parent Night at school. Until we lost Dave, my brother said that he too did
not realize how many ‘father’ events there were at their public school in Houston and how hard they
must be for the many children without father.

This post was more than enough to reveal the pain of being a single mother.

7. Matt Lauer- CEO of General Motors:

In 15th January 2014, she was made CEO of General Motors and first female CEO of the major global
She gave the credit for her success to her supportive husband and kids. Her kids have been a continuous
supportive system in her personal and professional life.

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