26/11-Mumbai Attack

Mumbai Attack: A Flash Back of 26th November 2008

Despite the terror attacks India faced, the Mumbai attack of 26th November 2008 marked a crisis moment in the country. Terrorists attack bang the heart of Mumbai, India’s commercial capital.

More than 160 died and hundreds maim with wounds that would take a lifetime to heal. Terrorism in India, which has endure a rise in Mumbai were notably brazen in scale and execution.

Killing dozens in machine gun and grenade. Assaults on at least two -five star hotels, the station, a Jewish center, a movie theater, and a hospital. However, India emerged more resolute and less accepting of incidents of senseless violence that had one aim: To strike fear. Here, is a glance at how attack of November 26,2008 Mumbai Attack remembered.

Lets take a flashback of 26/11 Mumbai Attack:

23rd November, 2008:

Ten terrorists left Pakistan’s port city of Karachi by boat. On the way they hijacked a fishing dinghy. Killed four of the crew and force the captain to take them to India.

26th November, 2008 evening:

Terrorists killed the captain of the boat as the boat reaches 7 km from Mumbai coastline. They offloaded their bags full of explosives and carried AK47 assault rifles in their rucksacks.

  • 8:10pm:

Terrorists used three inflatable boats to reach a settlement of Macchimar Nagar in Mumbai. Ten terrorists, eight got off near the fishing sacks on the shore. Two of gunmen went back into the sea. Later, the two targeted at Trident and Oberoi – both five star hotels at Nariman Point.

  • 8:30pm:

The remaining terrorists came ashore to Badhwar Park, split up and head two different ways. Each carried AK47 automatic rifles, 500 ammunition, pistols, hand grenades and explosive devices.

  • 9:20pm:

The first attack at Chhatrapati Shivaji Therminus. 58 killed at CST railway station in a indiscriminate gun firing that lasted for half-an-hour. Mohammed Ajmal Kasab and Ismail Khan has targeted the CST.

Second attack was at about 8-10 minutes later from Nariman house area. Second group blew up a gas station before attacking Jewish Chabad Lubavitch outreach centre. The Rabbi, his wife and  5 Isareli hostages were killed.

Third target was LEOPOLD CAFE ,an upscale restaurant. This attack was done at the same time as in NARIMAN HOUSE  locality. Terrorists identified later as SHOAIB and UMER who targeted the dinning crowd.

At TAJ, terrorists SHOAIB and UMER  met with LeT gunman, identified as ABDUL REHMAN BADA and ABU ALI  who had left IED for the Leopold Cafe attackers outside the iconic hotel.

TAJ  came under attack between 9:35pm-10pm. OBEROI -TRIDENT hotels was the last site to be attacked by the terrorists around the same time as the TAJ.

The terrorists entered the hotel through restaurant and started firing at the gathered crowd.

AJMAL KASAB was the only terrorists captured alive. After attacking CST railway, ISMAIL KHAN and he targeted the CAMA HOSPITAL. From there he ambushed a police team, killed 6 officals including ATS chief Hemant Karkare and hijacked their jeep.

KASAB and ISMAIL KHAN were intercepted near Girgaum Chowpatty where Tukaram Omble grabbed the barrel of the rifle the former was firing form. This gave the police team time to overpower KASAB  and capture him. He was tried and sentenced to death in MAY 2010. KASAB was hanged at YERAWADA JAIL in Pune in 2012.

More than 160 people including 18 police officers and 2 NSG commandoes were killed. 310 others were injured as a fight back by security forces continued for about 60 hours.

The terrorists were dressed as tourists, the 26/11  Mumbai Attack of 2008 was considered as a professional commando operation of Pakistan Military and ISI by experts. At last, terrorists were killed and the siege ends at TAJ MAHAL PALACE hotel.

Though 10 years has passed to dreadful attack, still the victims have left with scars and disturbing scenes. In history 26/11 attack is considered one of the most barbarous terrorist attack. The struggle lasted for 4 days, killed almost 160 people including foreigners, local residents and policemen.


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