Challenges Teachers Faces During Online Classes

Challenges Faced By Teachers During Online Classes

Online Classes, the latest coil of education, are posing challenges for the teachers. Even before the COVID-19 burst, online classes were ripening at a distinctive pace. 

The nature of online classes has put stability on educational institutions to compete globally.

21-century classroom demands 4C’s i.e critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. These are the key component which develops noble solutions to problems.

The day India went under complete lockdown, online classes were the only hope and a new reality. The teachers during lockdown are struggling hard to adjust to the modern ways of taking online classes.

Challenges Teachers Faces During Online Classes
Challenges Teachers Faces During Online Classes

Here are a few challenges which teachers are facing while online classes 

1. Adaptability Effort 

From a traditional classroom to a smart classroom, the pandemic has changed everything. Altering online learning has been very much challenging for teachers. Teachers with a “traditional” mindset learn it hard to adjust, as they need to accept the techniques for their online classes.

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2. Lack of Online Training

Turning teaching material into digital format has been a serious challenge. This is a major issue among older-generations. Teachers find it difficult with the operate basic programs like  Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, digital, and ICT skills.

Still are trying their best to deal with modern technology. Teachers are trying to understand how the apps work, how to add students on them for classes, where to look while teaching, how to not make the entire thing boring.

3.Time Management

Apart from verbal, the written format is also given so that students can understand. Above all teachers in lockdown end up thinking about the traditional class. From families to household work, it becomes a tough managing for teachers in lockdown.

Facing all challenges, teachers are teaching for the betterment of students.

4.Technical Challenges

Technical Challenges Teachers Face During Online Classes
Source: Sky News

Technical problems are one of the main stumbling blocks of online classes. Most of them live in the suburb and find it hard to keep in tune with the technical requirements.

Teachers in lockdown struggle taking online classes with the situation.

5. Lack of Seriousness in Online Classes

Teachers face other challenges like bullying, sleeping, and parents harassing.  This kind of activity ruins the classroom decorum. Apart from bullying, fights & arguments between parents also disturb the class environment. 

“Parents’ peep through nooks and students keep on bullying. Teachers often claim about fake IDs, switched off cameras. calling out teachers with names sending them memes and trolling them “

  “Situations become uneasy where students’ families use the link to see how the  teacher looks  and what she teaches.”

Online training have been a significant way to continue lessons, but have certain issues and questions.

The education system has changed on digital platforms over the months. Educational institutions have built online education from subject knowledge to all-around counselling.

Teachers being the authority models in the classroom experience criticisms and bullies. These create a negative impact on them and the communication of knowledge that gets lost. Apart from facing challenges, teachers are trying to cope up with the same.

The COVID19 lockdown will end someday. But the pressure and scars will remind teachers of their own coronavirus fight for a long time to come.

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