People became famous from Social Media

8 People who got Famous Overnight Because of Social Media

The social media has the power to make any ordinary person famous overnight. Internet world is huge and within no time it can make you popular and change your fate. Just one video or photo of yours can go viral and turn you as celebrity. The fresh talents or faces ultimately turns into pages, memes, wallpaper and topic of discussion. 

Here are some ordinary faces became famous just because of social media: 

Ranu Mondal:

Few days back a video was posted of Ranu singing “Ek pyaar ka nagma hai” on social media. No one would have imagined someone singing outside Kolkata’s railway station would become so popular . The lady had a melodious voice and compared with legendary singer Lata ji. One single video became so viral that she got her first singing project by Himesh Reshamiya. 


Melody Queen Ranu Mondal

To encourage her talent, an NGO came forward to give her a complete make over. Ranu Mandal was also invited to many reality shows to perform. Now, Ranu Mondal has become an inspiration for many talented singers who are looking for an opportunity to showcase their skills.  

Priya Prakash Varrier:

The wink girl of internet Priya Prakash Varrier, became famous after her music video of movie Oru Adaar Love.  The Malayali 18 years actress got more than 600k followers on Instagram in a few hours and approximately 4.3 million people viewed her video on Youtube in just 48 hours. 


People over internet started declaring her as national crush because of gorgeous smile and mesmerizing eyes. 

Dhinkchak Pooja:

Pooja Jain or mostly known as Dhinchak Pooja in the social media world. Dhinchak Pooja was made new sensation of internet because of Dhinchak song Selfie Maine leli aaj’, ‘Daaru daaru’, and ‘Dilon ka shooter’. 

Dhinchak Pooja
Dhinchak Pooja Became famous overnigh in Social Media


Though her songs were pain in ear still her Youtube channel got millions of views in a day and now Dhinchak Pooja has over 59.9k followers on Instagram. Her popularity opened many doors of Indian TV Reality shows. 



A boy named is Kamlesh became famous overnight and became a part of all social media feeds. A video of him went viral in a single night where he expressed his addiction for ‘Soulochan’ that is some chemical or drugs. After his video, people could not stop making memes and trolls on him.

Chiawala from Pakistan:

Arshad Khan an ordinary chaiwala’s life became extraordinary over internet and now has a tale of rage to rich. A picture of smart looking chaiwala with blue-eyes posted in social media. 

Pakistani's Famous Chaiwala
Pakistani’s Famous Chaiwala

With no time Chaiwala’s photo made him popular especially among girls for his dashing and hypnotizing blue eyes. This popularity changed his life and chaiwala became a celebrity has signed for many modelling projects with top brands. 

Saima Hussain Mir- Mystery Girl:

This girl’s face became popular over social media after Shahruk Khan posted a selfie while promoting his movie Raees. The girl was named mystery girl in internet and later identified as Saima Hussain Mir from Srinagar. 

Saima Hussain Mir

This happened when King Khan visited mall and Symbiosis Institute of Designs in Pune to promote his movie. The photo got a lot of attention as SRK has posted this picture. Over time people started raising her because of her beauty as well as cracked jokes for her expenses. 

Nepali Sabziwaali:

After Pakistani’s Chaiwala a girl from Nepal grabbed attention in social media. Two hashtags “Sabjiwaali” & “Tarkariwali” made her famous overnight in social media. 

nepali sabjiwali

Dancing Uncle:

Dancing Uncle Sanjeev Shrivastava sets internet on fire after a video uploaded dancing on Govinda’s song. Sanjeev belongs to Bhopal and is a professor by profession. He was performing in sangeet ceremony of his brother-in-law and that video changed his life. 


He got the opportunity to meet & perform with his idol Govinda as well as Madhuri Dixit, Salman Khan & Suniel Shetty. Dancing Uncle signed a new music video with Jasim, a UAE-based music composer and producer, collaborated with Indian singer Benny Dayal for a new song which is appropriately titled Chacha Naach. 


In the era of Internet, any person can become a personality overnight without any reason.  It’s a great opportunity for talented and skillful people to showcase their talent over social media. A video or photo can spread all over the globe and make you famous within no time. Every day we see some viral stories ruling our social media’s timeline and feeds. But yes, it’s our responsibility to use the power of social media rather than misusing it. 

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