9/11 terror attack on US

Remembering 9/11 Terror Attack After 18 Years

9/11 terror attack left the whole world scared. It was a black day for the whole world. In the year 2001 September 11, 19 militants of al-Qaeda group hijacked 4 American Airplanes. The islamic extremist group carried out suicidal attacks in different places of the United States.

More than 3000 were killed and 6000 injured in 9/11 terrorist attack. Two planes attacked the World Trade Center in New York. The second attack was on Pentagon, outside Washington, DC. The fourth plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.

New York’s World Trade Center:

On 11th September 2001, in the morning at 8:45am an American Airline Boeing 767 crashed intentionally into the north tower of the World Trade Center. The airplane was loaded with 20,000 gallons of jet fuel.

The whole building left burning and killed hundreds of people. The evacuation process started and heart-wrenching live clips of accident were telecast.

After 18 minutes of first plane crash, another United Airline Flight 175 was noticed in the sky flying. It collided with the World Trade Center and sliced the South Tower near 60th floor.

The plane attack caused massive explosive which collapsed the building. The fire was furious and burning showered into streets as well as nearby buildings.

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Pentagon Attack:

At around 9:45am, the third plane crashed in the westside of Pentagon military head-quaters. Hundred of civilians, military personnel along with kidnapped passengers of Amreican flight were killed after plane crashed head-quaters of US Department of Defence.

Shanksville in Pennsylvania Attack:

Terrorists hijacked United Flight 93 after it left Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey. The plane take-off got delayed by 40 minutes and thus passengers could learn about World Trade Center attack via Calls from their near ones.

The passengers fought with 4 deadly terrorists but at 10:10 am the plane flipped over and sped towards the ground. The plane crashed in a rural field in western Pennsylvania.

The whole world was traumatized after 9/11 terror attack and even after 18 years of attack there are tons of memories who got rescued. This horrific attack made U.S Government suffer mentally, physically and economically too. Al-Queda spent nearly $5000,000 for 9/11 attack and damages cost was $55 billion.

The Master-Mind behind 9/11 Attack:

In 13th Dec 2001, the US Government releases a tape in which Islamic terrorist Osama bin Laden takes responsibility for  9/11 terror attack.

President Bush announced that he wanted Laden- Dead or Alive. The USA issued $25 Million bounty for information leading to killing or capture of Osama.

Bush also launched War in Afghanistan and sent troops to Iraq. The Central Intelligence Agency found huge weapons and added Saddam Hussein- Iraq’s leader was aiding al-Qaeda group.

The US force was continuously in search of Osama-bin Laden. Finally on 2nd May, 2011 they killed Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The intelligence team of US traced al-Qaeuda leader and killed him in  a secret mission. President Obama announced the Death of Osama-bin Laden and finally did justice for 9/11 US terror attack.

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