salaries of highest paid ceos

Salaries of Highest Paid CEO’s Around the World

CEO’s in a company are responsible for decisions to development,ideas to execution, motivations to innovations. But nowadays, Chief executive officers of top MNCs are in news because of powerful personality,struggling stories and innovative ideas.

Apart from all these news, the reason for which CEOs are in the talk of the town is who are the highest paid CEO’s in the world. When it comes to salary you too want to check the list of following CEO’s:

1. David Zaslav is being Paid $156.1 million by Discovery Communications

In 2007, Zaslav took the role of Chief Executive Officer and help company to grow in many stages.  After taking a degree in law, he worked as attorney with companies like NBC Universal, MTV and Discovery.
Zaslav struggled for a long time and finally working with Discovery made him highest paid CEO in the world.

2. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google

Pichai Sunderarajan is known as Sunder Pichai. An Indian from Madurai, Tamil Nadu is currently serving Google Inc as a Chief Executive Officer.  He has done Metallurgical engineering from IIT,Kharagpur and then MBA from from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.  Pichai also holds a M.S from Stanford University. The life of Pichai has been full of struggle and challenges but his determination has made him to add his name among worlds highest paid CEO’s.

Sundar Pichai-CEO of Google

In the year 2004 Sundar Pichai joined Google and work for many important Google products. Later he was appointed as Vice President of product  development department. Finally in the year 2015 Google announced Sundar Pichai as CEO. Now he is known for earning approximately $ 200 million.

3. Michael Fries drawing a salary of $ 111.9 million

Micheal Fries is currently working as the CEO and Vice President of  Liberty Global. In the year 2005, Micheal Fries announced as the CEO of world’s largest cable TV and broadband company.

He did his Master of Business Administration from Columbia Business School  and made career in international distribution and programming businesses. Liberty Global is one of the first company to step into international cable TV and programming field.

4. Nick Woodman- A self made billionaire who added his name among highest paid CEO’s!

Nicholas D was born in California and later turned an American businessman and philanthropist.Nick turned into a billionaire when he was out on adventure trip, he created the GoPro camera.

Though GoPro faced a tough competition from rivals like Samsung Electronics and  Google still captured the market. Hence, Nick- the CEO of GoPro is earning $ 77.4 million.

5. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft earning $ 18.2 million

Satya Nadella the CEO of Microsoft the giant technology company for internet related services and products. Indian American business executive joined  Microsoft in 1992 and later became well-known leader in the world of business.

Satya Nadella,CEO of Microsoft-One among highest paid ceo's
Considering all geek traits in the year 2014 Nadella was announced as the CEO of Microsoft-world’s largest company. Now the Satya is drwaing around $ 18.2 million salary from Microsoft.

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