Big Boss 13 Garden area

Take a Look on Big Boss 13 House

Big Boss the most popular TV reality show and its 13th season will start from 29th September. The list of Big Boss 13 contestant has been in trending topic on internet and still the fully confirmed list yet to get out.

And now the pictures of Big Boss new house has started flooding over various digital media. Salman Khan will host the reality show and audiences have high expectations from 13th season. Famous bollywood designer- Omung Kumar has designed house with pink-purple interior. 

Its a Gentle Man Game:

Big Boss 13 House
Source: Hindustan Times

The roof house will remind participants that its a game of gentle man and play with your mind not by abusing. Lets, wait for the season 13 to begin.

Before Starting Big Boss 13, the show host Salman Khan got involved in an ugly fight with photo journalist. Click & Check out the story


Living Area: 

Living Hall of Big Boss 13
Source: Hindustan Times

The living room is there a place where 14 contestants will share different emotions. And yes, face weekly elimination round with Salman and weekend ka war. To add more color to contestants game and personality the wall is made colorful. The Jigsaw Puzzle frame symbolizes the contrasting nature of every player.


Big Boss Eyes Never Blink: 

Big Boss eyes are on You
Source: Hindustan Times

In every corner of Big Boss house different size of eyes are painted. This will remind every contestant that Big Boss eyes are on them.  


Who will be Kitchen’s Captain: 

Kitchen of Big Boss 13
Source: Hindustan Times

Kitchen has been always a reason for fights in past seasons of Big Boss. To get more gossiping stories, a contemporary touch is added to Bigg Boss 13 house. 


Greenery Garden: 

Big Boss 13 Garden area
Souce: Hindustan Times

With greenery all around, eye-shaped swimming pool and adjoining open gym- a separate space for fitness freak. A large green garden will witness different activities, games and of course fights in 13th Season. 


Three in One!!!

Bedroom Area of Big Boss House
Source: Hindustan Times

This reality show is well known for twists and turns. There is one bed which is customized for three people sharing. Lets wait for the triple dhamal or you can say dhamaka. 


Confess In front of Mirror:

big boss confession room
Source: Times of India

The confession room has mirror work, ropes hang down giving a mysterious vibes. Confession room is the most important room where contestants either get surprises or shocks. 

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