Top 5 Learning Apps You Must Install During Lockdown Time

Top 5 Learning Apps You Must Install During Lockdown Time

Learning Apps has become a beacon of hope during covid-19. Information is the power and spreading awareness is the key in times of distress. The lock-down has changed the traditional classroom,  punishment, playgrounds to online webinars. The use of blackboard, chalks, the morning assembly, the ringing of bells are now replaced with laptops and online meeting platforms. 

Schools, colleges and tuition’s are all closed because of the pandemic. The younger minds’ are all stuck at home. The closing up of schools have given rise to the online learning process. Online tutoring helps the learners to get the perfect combination of knowledge and user experience. All across the globe, have quarantined themselves, all the MNCs have given their employees flexibility of working from home and institutions have started homeschooling.

Traditional to Modern Learning during Lockdown time
Traditional to Modern Learning during Lockdown time

Educational apps have been controlling mobile app development for quite a few years, but this lockdown has made it more  renowned. Educational apps are flexible, friendly and budget friendly to learn new things. Learning apps also give a meaningful connection to the learners with their subjects. It also provides the sustained engagement in the teaching learning process.

Educational apps provide numerous benefits in educational technology and recently proved its way better than traditional class-room studies. Students are also driven towards mobile phones, to benefit from it is to use it wisely i.e. to attract students to learn and develop. 

Modern mobile learning techniques have now solved major traditional educational problems. Till now parents, students and teachers are quite happy as the students don’t have to stop their school studies. They can interact with teachers, ask questions and submit assignments.  The best part is, these learning apps are not limited for school or college students, professionals too can learn the subjects they are interested in. 

There are 5 leading online learning apps provide free and paid classes you must install during lockdown period: 

Top 5 Learning Apps You Must Install During Lockdown Time
Top 5 Learning Apps You Must Install During Lockdown Time

Coursera :

Coursera, a leading website which joins hands with the universities and organizations for the all round development of the learners. It is a huge online education app with a wide variety of subjects. From science to music it covers all aspects and provides a searchable database. 

It provides free online education and clear doubts among students. This platform opens up with a variety of topics from different categories as per interest of the learner. The best part is this learning app also awards certificates on the completion of some specific courses. 


Another popular learning website offering different courses and great opportunities to work with professors. It was started in 2010 and now in 2020 it has more 50 million students with 57000 instructors. It is hugely popular as the courses are available in more than 65 languages. 

Online Learning Enrollments in India went up by a whooping 606% for courses teaching communication skills due to Coronavirus Lockdown: Report by Udemy

Udemy also provides allowances in courses which are pocket- friendly. It provides learners with expert instructors ,discussions, survey creators and interactive learning. This learning app has helped many professionals to sharpen their skills and get a job. 


 In the initial days of lockdown BYJU’s announced free access to its learning app amid COVID-19 crisis. It is said to be the best learning app which helps to understand the concept through visualization. Visualisation stands out to be a very interesting part for the learners. Teachers also play active participation and focuses on making learners understand the concept easily. 

To make the learning process interesting and interactive this learning app has started conducting more live class sessions. Students and parents are very satisfied by the teaching methods used by the experts. It provides teaching for all grades and you can learn it by just downloading it for free. 


Unacademy is India’s largest online learning platform. It comes up with more than 5000 verified educator’s who are brilliant and who motivate learners to learn properly. Unacademy is completely free and it has also come up with Unacademy Plus subscription which is a paid one. 

It has a wide range of courses exclusively for different types of competitive exams. This app is very helpful for those students or working professionals who are preparing for national level entrance or competitive tests.  Unacademy learning app is budget friendly and also allows a flexible way of learning from home. 


 It is a live learning app where students can browse, discover and choose to learn from an online tutor of their choice. Vedantu uses a real-time virtual learning environment named WAVE (Whiteboard Audio Video Environment) a technology built in-house. This technology makes Vedantu different from other learning apps. 

Vedantu mostly provides live classes for different subjects from  4th to 12th grade for Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) & Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum. 


Education is always a vital juncture for economic development. Online classes are truly acting as a lifeline to young scholars. It also helps them to remove the monetary and keep them attached with their academic studies. Learning is always better when they are  based on logical, visual, verbal, physical and other specifications of domain. 

Upcoming time learning will be online

Since, digital is the future so this online learning apps especially in lockdown time provides student opportunity to get friendly online learning platforms. With these modern technology students get interested and well-motivated which helps them to build up their knowledge, skill and experience.

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