Check out the upcoming Indian festivals that will make your September special

Indian festivals are a reflection of Indian culture. All festivals have great importance- be it national or religious festival. India is the Land of festivals. People of different culture, cast, tradition reunite together and celebrate with great enthusiasm people of different region celebrate different festivals at a time. Festivals are the time which people wait to get closer with their near and dear ones.

Be from villages to city people all celebrate festival with great pomp and show. Each festivals have a unique way and style of celebrating it. The most awaited September festivals are here which you must be eagerly waiting to enjoy.


Onam – 2-13th of September, 2019

Onam is Kerala’s biggest festival. It traditionally marks the 10 days of harvest. People get busy decorating their houses with flowers. This festival is followed by dancing new clothes sports games and the most special The Snake boat races. This harvest marks the start of the New Year according to the Malayalam calendar.

The festival is celebrated in remembrance of the Kochi king. He marched from Tripunithutra to Vamanamoorthy Temple. With time, the royalty era has ended but the glory is as fresh as ever. Fairs and shops are also constructed for the visitors. Onam is the festival of flowers or flower carpets.

The Leh- ladakh festivals -1-4th Of September, 2019

This festival is a cultural event for the region of Leh and Ladakh. Its main purpose is to celebrate and display the culture of the region and boost tourism. There are different events which are performed like grafting exhibition, musical concerts etc. At this festive time even the hotels and transport facilities cooperate by lowering down their usual rates.

The inauguration program takes place on a large scale. This is known to be a one week festival which starts from Leh and ends in the Polo ground. There are dance performed by different cultural group of people.

Ganesh Chaturthi -2nd September, 2019

Ganesh Chaturthi is usually 11 days festival which marks the birthday of Lord Ganesh. Lord Ganesh is  the God of wisdom and beginning. The idols of Lord Ganesh are worshipped regularly for 11 days. Pandals hoping is a very important ingredient for the festival. Visiting different Pandals based on numerous themes gives a clear view of Indian artistry. Small fairs and shops add a cherry on top to this festival. On the last day, the idols are taken in procession towards the water bodies. Dance, music and crowed streets accompany the possessions. People participate in the procession with equal fun and enthusiasm.

People celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi all over the country. Apart from the whole country the city Mumbai has its own significance during this festival. Mumbai’s Ganesh Chaturthi is the biggest celebration for the city. At this time Mumbai city experiences crowded streets, devotees dispersed and loud music. The festival has extraordinary popularity in parts of Maharashtra, Goa and Tamil Nadu.

Muhharam -10, th September, 2019

The Muharram festival is a festival for the Muslim brothers. It commemorates the martyrdom of H.L. Hussain. H.L. Husain known as the grandson of the holy prophet Tazias are beautifully decorated with paper and bamboo. This festival falls in the first month of the Islamic calendar. On the last day of the fest, known as ASHURA, Sunni Muslims take the dead coffins out in procession. The word Muharram means banded or separated.

This month is known to be one of the sacred month in their holy book. This day is an off day for the great population. Not all Muslims celebrate this festival equally. Some celebrate this as a day of mourning. This festival is primarily Islamic festival but people of different religion can also observe without any discrimination.

Payippad Snake boat race – 13th September 2019

People celebrate the Payippad boat race during the monsoon season every year. The popular state comes alive with colourful Snake boat races. The long shape of the boat gives it the name. The boats are actually a long canoe- style boat. These boats are very popular among the people of Kerala. This is known to be the traditional war boat of Kerala.

The boat is about hundred to 150 feet long followed by hundred rowers. Each village has their own boat and the villagers race together along the river. This festival also attracts the tourists. The Nehru trophy boat race is a popular vallam kali event. It takes place in the Punnamda river in Kerela. This place offers a beautiful scenic beauty from swaying palm trees to aquatic life.

Vishwakarma puja- 17th September, 2019

Lord Vishwakarma is is known as the creator or the ‘architect of the gods’. This day is observed as the birthday of lord Vishwakarma. People believe Vishwakarma to be the god who built abodes and weapons for other gods. Lord Vishwakarma is also surnamed as the ‘First engineer’. This day is mostly celebrated by people in offices and factories. People celebrate this day with new hope and courage. This day is not only for engineers and architectures but for all who uses tools and machines.


Despite the diversity of culture, every festival is celebrated together by the people irrespective of various castes and beliefs. Festivals of India reflect the rich cultural heritage of the people. The religious beliefs and the harmony among the people reunite together for each other’s celebration.

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